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With more than 40 pages...well over 500 images...and featuring 25 bus, rail, and ferry companies as well as
contact details for local taxi firms; this is my website - all about public transport in Thurrock, from 1970 right
up to the present day. I haven’t covered anything prior to 1970 mainly because information starts to get a little
thin on the ground before that year. I very much hope you enjoy your visit here, and that you find it both
informative and useful, whether it be to stir up memories of the past or to get an up to date picture of what’s
being provided by public transport in Thurrock today.

I should also mention how this website came about....I have been involved in public transport since 1994, first
as a bus driver, mainly in the Thurrock area with companies such as Thameside, Harris Bus, Arriva and Town &
Country; I’m currently a tube driver with London Underground. It was whilst driving my car along London Road
in Grays, and commenting on something or other as we passed the Arriva bus depot, that a friend of mine said
“why don’t you make website?”.............Well Leanne, this is the result!

If you don’t know where Thurrock is,’s a local authority area found in the South West corner of
Essex. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Lakeside shopping centre? How about Tilbury Fort? Maybe you’ve used the
Dartford river crossing [on the M25]?

Perhaps this map will help:


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This website is entirely independent of any bus, train, ferry or taxi company featured within. All information is
provided entirely from my own research and where possible, all timetables are links to the operators websites.
My sole aim is to provide a single point of reference for all of Thurrock’s public transport users both past &
present and I’m making no financial gain from my pursuit of providing this website.

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