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Southend Transports X1 group of services become part of the Green Line Network on 1st April 1995.


In August 1996, the massive re-signalling project on the LTS railway was completed and control passed from the local signal cabins
to a centrally based signal & control centre at Upminster.

In October, Harris Bus re-launched themselves with a striking new Green & Blue livery and the brand name ‘Thurrock Link’. Brand new low floor buses were introduced and the local network was revised. Here is a clickable image showing the newspaper wrap around advert:

Harris clipping Link02



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On 13th April, Capital Citybus operates a special ‘Red and Orange running day’ across it’s network of routes within the Thurrock
area. The basic rule was that the entire days service was made up of former Red London Transport vehicles, current vehicles in
Capital’s Red livery (for it’s London contract work), and vehicles wearing the special Orange livery for the East London line rail
replacement service. A small gallery of images from the day can be found on the Capital Citybus page on this website
(click here for the


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Capital Citybus sees it’s last day on routes 324 and 348 on 6th February. Route 324 passes to Ensign Bus (seeing them re-enter
regular service in Thurrock) and route 348 passes to fellow First company Eastern National. A special service using older vehicles
was operated to mark the occasion - a small gallery of images from the day can be found on the Capital Citybus page on this
(click here for the link).

On 10th October 1999, Thamesway and Arriva Southend combined their London express coach operations into a single service,
operated as a Green Line branded route. The X and S number systems were dropped, with the main service becoming 721. There
was also various peak hour variants using numbers 720, 722 and 723 (hmmm......Green line coaches using route numbers 721, 722
and 723 in Thurrock? Now who would have hought we’d see that again?!!).

In December 1999, Town & Country take over routes 324, 325, 348 and 509 from Ensign.

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