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Following the rising cost of fuel, protests were organised at fuel refineries and distribution sites resulting in
severe fuel shortages across the UK. Things got so bad that petrol stations ran out of fuel and bus
companies had to restrict their services. I was working for Arriva at the are some clickable
images of the notices we carried on buses:

Arriva fuel Link
Green Line fuel Link


October 2001 saw Thamesway pull out of it’s joint operation with Arriva Southend on the Green Line branded London express
coach services, with Thamesway abandoning any further thoughts of running coaches to London.


17th February 2002 was the last day of operation on Green Line route 721 by Arriva Southend, who finally threw in the towel on
London coach work. The service was replaced in a reduced capacity from the 18th February 2002 by Stephensons of Essex, who
rather appropriately numbered the service X1.


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The last ‘slam door’ trains ran on c2c on 31st March 2003. All services are now provided solely by brand new class 357
‘Electrostar’ 4 car trains with air conditioning, CCTV and sliding plug doors. c2c is the first operator in the UK to renew it’s entire
fleet under the privatised railway system.


January 2004 brings the X80 (Gravesend to Chafford Hundred via Bluewater & Lakeside), operated by Ensign Bus,
marking their return to local bus service operations in Thurrock.

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