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About The Site

I Have attempted to design this site so that you can find the information you want in relevant and logical areas.

Some of the menu buttons along the top of each page offer a ‘fly-out’ menu when you ‘hover’ your mouse
over the button. You can either click on the button which will take you to the main page for that area, or by
hovering your mouse over the pages that ‘fly-out’, you can go directly to a particular page.

The first button takes you to the home page for the website, and the second one along takes you to my service update page which
aims to assist you if you are a current public transport user by giving information about known public transport service changes.
**Unfortunately the Service Update page is not in use at this time owing to the need to keep it updated manually, which is too time consuming.**

The next button takes you to the yearly Summaries area. I have divided the pages into 5 year blocks so that if you are interested
in a particular period of time, you can go straight to it. I will only add information here where I can pin an event down to at least
a particular a month.

The next button takes you to my bus area - that area is then sub divided into three distinct areas:

The first main area is the former bus companies. Where possible, I’ve given a little introduction and followed it up with an image
gallery; click on any image to enter the gallery where you’ll see bigger images.

The second area is the current bus companies, with each page having a table of services operated (includes links to timetables
where there is one online), a little write up about the company and images where I’ve got some. Again you can click on any
smaller image to enter the gallery containing the larger images.

The third area is called ‘Miscellaneous Bus Stuff’ and has information about every known bus route that’s ever operated in
*, as well as some fleet information, a page dedicated to what Thurrock bus operators get up to outside the Thurrock
area and a page dedicated to buses that used to operate in Thurrock but have now moved on elsewhere. I envisage this area
appealing more to the ‘bus enthusiast’ as opposed to the ‘ordinary man on the street’, so to speak - have a look though, you
never know you it might be more interesting than you thought!
 * Please note that this is a new feature and is far from complete at the time of writing.

Following on from the buses, the next button takes you to the railway in Thurrock, with pages for each station which show a basic
table of first & last trains, some general information, then a gallery of images where I have any to show.

The next couple of buttons take you to details of Tilbury Ferry services and taxi services (including a table of phone numbers).

The final button takes you to my ‘Other Stuff’ area which contains the usual links to other useful websites, a list of all my
sources of information (a big thank you is due here, particularly to those that have agreed to let me use their images) as well as
a site map which shows all the pages that make up the website. Also within these last few pages are links to my Guest book
and the Forum.

All links to external pages will open a new page/tab in your browser.

** Please note that I currently have more information than I have time to upload at present - particularly in terms of timetables (see my sources page); I will try to upload more information as and when time permits.**

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