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Have Some Info?

This website is far from complete - itís more a work in progress!

As you may have noticed from looking around, there are a lot of gaps in the information provided -
and some of the stuff that is up on the site is lacking in detail.

The reason is that much of what I have so far has been pieced together from books, other websites and items Iíve
managed to purchase from eBay. Time is also a factor - I have more information, such as timetables, to upload but
finding the spare time to collate them and present the information is proving difficult. I wonít be beaten though and
rest assured, if I find the time, I will work on developing this website.

Now that the site is up on the World Wide Web, and hopefully reaching a large audience, Iíd like to accept any
information that you, my visitor can provide. Could I please ask that you check out my
sources page first though -
whilst something may not be on the website, it doesnít necessarily mean I donít already have it!

Although providing something from a verifiable source [such as a book] is, naturally, preferred (as itís proven to be
true); Iím more than happy to accept first hand knowledge, personal images (the source would be acknowledged)...
perhaps even stories of events that happened from former public transport staff.

So if you think you have something of use, and would like to see it added to the site, email me at this address:

Please also use the email address above if Iíve got something wrong, or Iíve asked a question and you know the
answer, etc.

Or..........why not join the forum? The Thurrock Transport forum can be found @:

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