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3rd Jan 2011

Hopefully you’ll have noticed one or two big changes if you’ve visited this website before.....

This is version 3 of this website, and if you’ve been here before you’ll certainly appreciate that it looks very different from the
previous version.

Where do we start?!! Well, the main changes are that the background is now plain white, all pages are now centered on your screen,
and the navigation system has been completely overhauled - what a difference they all make when put together!!

The navigation system now consists of core buttons (always the same) at the top of every single page and then smaller boxes with
text links in the top left of pages where they form part of a larger core section.

I hope these changes accord with a poll I ran on this website whereby 49% said the navigation could be improved, 27% said the
content could be improved and a further 5% indicated other changes would improve their visit. I hope these changes go some way
to answering my critics!!

Previous Changes:




1) Regal Busways page added.
2) Service update page put on hold.


1) Swallow Coach Company page removed as I believe they’re no longer running the X1 service.
Fleet list page added for Arriva’s Grays garage, thanks to information supplied by forum member ‘pyromaniac’
Ensign Bus fleet list updated. I would like to publicly thank Ensign Bus for supplying the information, and their
continuing offers of support to this website.
4) Links on the
Stephensons page sorted.
5) Sources and links audited across the website and updated where required.


New page added for Excel coaches, as they are starting a new daily 24 hour service, under the name “Airport by
coach”, from Grays to Stansted Airport from 1st May 09
(click here to visit the new page).


1) New page in the current bus operators area - East London take over TfL contract route 372 from
28th March
(click here to visit the new page).
2) The
fleet history for Harris Bus is now complete.
3) The
bus route history page is now up to the 300’s
4) Another 75 images added to the galleries on most of the bus company pages - significant additions
Arriva (route 370), Ensign Bus (particularly the N324), Capital Citybus (including two galleries
dedicated to special running days)......oh yes, and the ‘
Outside Thurrock’ page has seen few more
images added too.
5) Don’t forget to leave me feedback via the guestbook, forum, or by email


1) Fleet list’s for Harris Bus and Town & Country added to the Miscellaneous Bus Stuff area).
2) Christmas & New year details added to the
service changes page.
3) 40 images to re-size and upload.


1) 150 images added, mainly from Michael Graves and Trevor Wright.
Page listing all known bus routes in Thurrock is up to the 200’s
3) I’m led to believe that Swallow coach company are now running an X1 service (thanks to ‘emanresu’ who
joined the forum and posted the info).
4) Page added on


1) Miscellaneous Bus Stuff area created.
2) This site updates & changes page added.

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