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Whenever possible, information on this site has come from a verifiable source, such as officially
produced timetables, books, other websites, etc. Many of the images are not my work, and because
they have been collected over many years, the source is unfortunately not always known. I would
therefore welcome any information on such images and I’ll happily add a caption to any of the
images giving credit where it’s due.

Online Sources:

Blue Triangle
Ensign Bus
National Rail Enquiries
Thurrock Council
Essex County Council
Kent County Council
Transport for London
The X1 story
London Bus Routes
The Greater London Bus Map
Google UK
London Country
eBay UK
Amazing Counters
Essex Bus Enthusiast Group

Photographic & Image

Steve Thoroughgood
Peter Horrex
Faded Image
Steven Salmon
Les Eddy (aecregent)
John Law
Ensign Bus Company
Trevor Wright
Simon Hussey
Michael Graves
Richard Davey

Special mention also to my
site tester - cheers Phil !!

Printed Sources:

Thurrock Gazette
Evening Echo
Evening Standard

London Country, 2nd edition (2001)
Laurie Akehurst & David Stewart
ISBN: 1-85414-251-8

Major Operator bus & coach fleets, 5 Eastern Traffic Area
2nd Edition (1994)
D J Slater

Essex County Council Timetables:
Brentwood, Basildon & Thurrock, May 1978
Brentwood, Basildon & Thurrock, September 1979
Southend, Castle Point & Rochford area, March 1980
Southend, Castle Point & Rochford area, June 1981 (rev)
Basildon & Thurrock area 5, January 1983
Basildon & Thurrock area 5, September 1984
Basildon & Thurrock area 5, September 1985
Grays & Tilbury area 10, 26th October 1986
Grays & Tilbury area 10, January 1988
‘Essex Sunday Saver’, 27th March - 23rd October 1988
‘Essex Sunday Saver’, 30th April - 15th October 1989
South Essex, 1st July, 1990
South Essex, 13th January 1991
South Essex, 3rd March 1991
‘Essex Sunday Saver’, 19th May - 15th September 1991
South Essex, 7th July 1991
South Essex, 15th March 1992
South Essex, 10th May 1992
South Essex, 1st November 1992
South Essex, 20th March 1994
South Essex, 4th September 1994
South Essex, 3rd November 1996

Southend Transport Bus & Coach Timetables:
26th October 1986
18th April 1988

PSV Circle, PF11 - Thamesway fleet history

London Omnibus Traction Society:
London Country route working index:
SUP 10c, 29th April 1978
SUP 10d, 1st May 1979
SUP 10h, 16th May 1982
SUP 10i, 29th May 1983
SUP 10K, 27th October 1985

London Omnibus Traction Society:
London Country fleet list & garage allocation index:
SUP 16K, 1st April 1985

London Country / Greenline timetables:
Romford, Brentwood, Thurrock & District, 3rd July 1971
Route 723, 1st January 1972
South East area, 22nd June 1974
South East area, 30th August 1975
Route 723, 3rd April 1976
South East area, 30th October 1976
Grays Thurrock, 5th July 1986
Route 373, 27th October 1986
Route 570, 13th June 1987
Grays area, 7th May 1988

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